Modder Builds Windows 11 PC Inside Mouse with Screen

Modder crams a working Windows 11 PC into a mouse with a screen

In the world of technology, innovation knows no bounds. The latest feat of technological wizardry comes in the form of a modder who has managed to cram a fully functional Windows 11 PC into a mouse, complete with a screen. This incredible achievement has left tech enthusiasts around the world in awe, and has sparked a wave of excitement and curiosity about the possibilities of such a device.

The modder, who goes by the name “YT_Sua,” showcased his creation in a recent video on his YouTube channel. The mouse, which looks like any other ordinary computer mouse at first glance, is actually a tiny powerhouse in disguise. Upon closer inspection, one can see that the top of the mouse features a small screen, reminiscent of the trackpad on a laptop. This screen displays the Windows 11 desktop, complete with all the familiar icons and menus, allowing the user to interact with the operating system directly from the mouse.

The modder revealed that he used a Raspberry Pi 4 mini-computer as the brains of the operation, along with a customized mouse shell and a specially designed screen. He also mentioned that he had to carefully plan and design the layout of the components to ensure that everything fit snugly inside the small space available.

The end result is nothing short of remarkable. The mouse can be connected to a monitor or TV via HDMI, allowing the user to use it as a regular PC. The screen on top of the mouse can be used to display important information or notifications, and the entire device can be controlled using the familiar mouse and keyboard inputs.

This innovative creation has sparked a wave of interest in the modding community, with many people expressing their awe and admiration for the modder’s skill and creativity. Some have even begun to speculate about the potential applications of such a device, and how it could be used in various industries and fields.

The modder’s creation serves as a reminder of the boundless possibilities of technology, and the power of human ingenuity. It also demonstrates the ever-evolving nature of computing devices, and how they can be adapted and enhanced to suit the needs of the user.

In a world where technology is constantly advancing, it’s inspiring to see individuals like YT_Sua pushing the boundaries of what is possible. His creation serves as a testament to the potential of technology, and the endless opportunities for innovation that lie ahead. As we look to the future, it’s exciting to think about the new and innovative devices that might be just around the corner. Who knows what other surprises the world of tech has in store for us?